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Peyton Leverett

General Information




19/20 (possibly)

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Film & College Student

Family & Friends


Unknown Father Unknown Mother


Sharpay Evans (Girlfriend)


Sharpay Evans

Other Information


Getting his school project done and ready, Hanging out with Sharpay


NYU College

First Appearance:

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

Last Appearance:

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

Peyton Leverett is the male protagonist and Sharpay's love interest in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. He is portrayed by Austin Butler.

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He is a college film student at NYU who meets Sharpay Evans after she got thrown out of a beautiful penthouse because the leasers refused to allow her dog, Boi, to live in the building. He finds her interesting to his filming subject and offers her a place to stay, and records in her experiences for his school project about finding a unique story in New York city.

As the film progresses, they become closer to each other.

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

He is the one who encourages Sharpay to pursue her dreams no matter the obstacles. They initially believed that she was in turn of starring a role on Broadway, until they find out that the agents really wanted to cast her dog, Boi. Peyton encourages her to be happy for her dog.

When Sharpay lands a job as assistant for the famous actress Amber Lee Adams, she begins to distance herself from everyone, including Peyton, whom she had promised to schedule a time for his project. Eventually, they get into an argument which ends with Peyton leaving her apartment saying he couldn't find the confident girl who knew she didn't need to work to accomplish her goals.

The night after their argument, Sharpay finds out about Amber Lee's true face and seeks comfort in Peyton. After exposing the actress's true face to the world, the agents are forced to cancel the show.

However, just as the performers are about to leave, Peyton shows them a video of Sharpay's secret stage singing to show them what she's truly made of. After hearing her amazing voice, the agents decide to re-hire her and save the show, under the condition of Boi and Countess (Roger Elliston's dog) starring as Shelby on the show. Peyton encourages Sharpay to be brave and confident with her show, and they share a kiss.

He is present during the show, sitting behind Sharpay's parents